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Featuring one of the largest collection for women's, Michael Kors in fact only specialize in women category, they understand the needs of the womens and have introduced many styles to fit their needs, like the popular Nash pumps, they are just 11 oz with 4 inch heel, and it leaves a sexy styling effect when you wear it around. It has leather lining and smooth leather uppers, also fitted with special non skid sole. The sole of the shoe looks very beautiful and attractive, it leaves a wooden sole effect when its not. As mentioned before, there is a style for everyone, if you do not like heels, then there are large number of flats offered to choose from.
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Micahel Kors Ginger pumps, It was gifted to me by my husband and I can not express my love for it. I open my closet twice to see these wonder shoes. I normally do not like heels, but this was very comfortable with 3 inch heel. Instead it have changed my thinking for heeled shoes. I ordered it a size bigger because I felt It will be tight, and my guess was right, the size was absolutely in fit. I have also worn some other styles as well like the Parker boots, Winter almost over and I wore them all the winter season, it keep cold out and kept my feet warm and comfy, I know you will not be buying boots at this time of season, but I recommend it to you to buy it for the next season or to those who live in cold places like those who live at Canada side, These may not work very well in snow, cause they are not snow boots, but I have worn them in snow and they worked perfectly. I hope to see a lot more Women's footwear from this brand. Love it!

Featured Styles:



Fulton Flat

Nash Pump

Fulton Moccasin


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