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There may not be as many styles available for watches as in the other categories for this brand, but for those they are offering are best in style, and you are sure to find your match in these selective watches, watches are offered for both mens and womens. Find the one that matches your style and be a celebrity of your community.
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These shoes are a great classic. My husband loves them and literally wears them for years. They are not his daily shoes, just his off duty ones. I recommend them highly. The fit was correct, and exactly what I wanted. The surface finish on one of the 2 pairs was cracked, but they are work shoes. I've worn the shoes for work for several years, and will do so for as long as they are available. I have been a faithful buyer of the Watches Alley Cat line of shoes for over 2 years. They are an incredible value and hold up very well. I am not a person that takes very good care of my shoes, yet even with daily abuse, these will last for about 9-12 months. They are also very comfortable. These shoes are a definite "buy"! I really had misgivings about buying shoes online but my wife talked me into it. But these shoes are really great! They fit right, I like the construction, looks and everything else about them. It's the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Thanks to Michael Kors for a good deal!

I really like this shoe and have bought it a few times. It is a good style and holds up to everything that I do to it. It is exposed to weather, dirt and oil from the shop floor, and dust from the garden. o matter what I do to it they still look good. They usually last me nine months to a year.

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Fulton Flat

Nash Pump

Fulton Moccasin


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