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Michael Kors Sunglasses - Women's Eyewear
Find the right eyewear for your face, offered in many colors like black, brown, blue, look cool in these attractive sunglasses, You can view reviews from other memebers about a particular product if you have a doubt about any glasses. Happy Shopping
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Hollywood M2001 Shade Brown Nolita
Domonician Cuba St. Maarten Melrose Puerto Rico


This is a great shoe. I was a little bummed because I meant to get the scuffed leather, but I got the shiny one instead...totally my bad. Anyways, a great shoe anyhow! I had another pair of Sunglasses just like this, and I needed to replace them after owning them for 5 years. I've noticed that the fronts of the shoes get scuffed up a bit more than I would like. Polish won't help, since the front of the shoe is actually wearing away. But it's not terribly noticeable. This is an extremely durable shoe for a great price. I wear them all the time with jeans or corduroys. The only complaint that I have about this shoe is with the little leather "tabs" on the back of the shoe. These things drive my CRAZY, as they are always making the back cuff of my pants ride up. Maybe I'm too critical, but that drives me nuts. Besides that, I really enjoy wearing this shoe and would recommend it to others.

I purchased the shoes for my husband and a pair for my son. They look good, feel good and are made of good quality leather. I know that I would purchase them again They are great for work and just plain casual wear. I bought these for my husband. He walks a lot at his job and needed comfortable shoes. He was VERY impressed with these Mk Sun Glasses. He has very wide feet and it is hard to find shoes that fit this comfortable right off.

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