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Michael Kors Montana Boots

11.00 oz. Leather lining. Suede upper and a back Zipper. Montana Ankle boots are perfect for luxury looks.
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Customers Opinions:

The shipment of shoes arrived at my home on the scheduled day...I am not thrilled at the scuff resistant 711 shoes that I purchased. The have a dirty appearance to them after wearing them for a day. I am always trying to clean them...If I had it to do over again, I would purchase the leather type.. My only problem with these shoes is keeping them very tight so they don't slip on the heel. There is a leather bit the wraps around the back of the ankle and if the shoe is loose it slips up and down and rubs the skin raw even with the thickest of socks. Solution is keeping them very tight and wearing thick socks. If I feel it rubbing I retie the shoes.

I heard before about the Michael Kors brand but never owned any of their products. I wanted to have a pair of open summery casual and comfortable sandal and decided to try Montana boots. I must admit that in the first 2 days I had some second thoughts whether they were the right shoes for my hard-to-satisfy feet, but then my feet got used to the cushioning and its curvatures. Well, now I take them off only when I go to bed. They are amazingly comfortable!

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