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Michael Kors Jasmine Sandal

4 1/2 inch heel. Chunky heel. Synthetic sole. Luxe leather upper. Jasmine sandal is imported from Italy.
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Customers Opinions:

I had stopped wearing this wonderful sandal when I started to get back problems, but my physical therapist told me that it was an acceptable support. Much more comfortable in the summer, and such a great look. I bought 2 pairs because of the soft sole--one for my husband and one for me. The soft sole removes the break-in period required with the original sole. Very comfy and the "regular" width is good for wide feet and the Arizona model adjusts well for all instep heights and stays on your foot while you walk. I bought the shoe for a sandal with support and that is just what it is. I had to exchange it for a smaller size even though I ordered according to the size chart. It is extremely comfortable until you have to walk and then it seems stiff.

I have large flat feet. Michael Kors caused me a lot of grief trying to break them in. I know the footbed is supposed to "mold" to your foot, but I'm suffering in the process. The arch seemed like a rock under my foot (even with the "soft" footbed, which just has a thin soft layer on top of the hard cork). Also there's some lump on the outside heel that pushes up as well. My feet just ache when wearing them. This week is a wee bit better than last week, but geez, I am still not singing any praises. I was really hoping these Jasmine sandals would be the answer to my prayers, but at least not right now. Let's see if I am still wearing them a month from now.

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