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Not only shoes but now they offer apparel to you as well, their inventory includes, tops, bottoms, dresses, coats, jackets, gowns, trousers, hoodies and a lot more. If you are their shoe customer then you should have known about their comfort. And they have kept their promise with clothing line as well. They are made up of supreme quality and you will stand out in the crowd when you wear Michael Kors outfits, you can but them at any brick and mortar store, but if you buy online, then you can find the widest collection, and you will save a lot of headache visiting the store, plus if you do not like the product you can send it back with a little hassle, most stores provide you returns and some of them even give you free return shipping, check their return policy first before placing an order.
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Double Trench Hoodie Print High waisted Sleeveless Belted
Barkley High Linen Pants Seer Short Pink Dress Ribbed Jacket


This shoe was exactly what I had hoped it would be. The shoe fit my exact size and I was thrilled because most shoes, even a wide width 10 and a half are too small, but this was great. Plus it is very comfortable. The last pair of Sketchers dress shoes I bought like this lasted me 8 years! I use this shoe for work, as a truck driver. It is oil resistance, hard to scuff, and easy to clean, just use a cloth with wd-40 to shine it up. Traction is high with sole pattern. It is a great shoe. The only down side is the shoe strings do not hold up, they will unravell then break.

I wear these shoes everyday to work at a college bookstore. I am on my feet 5 to 6 hours a day and I have no problem with my feet hurting while wearing these shoes. Good quality and a good price. Great super shoe! looks and feels just right I get compliments on the shoe and that has never happened! Thanks for the good looks and the great craftsmanship!! I usually buy two shoes at once, both for work. The last two I purchased, I went away from Michael Kors Apparel for the first time in a long time. Needless to say I missed my Clothing, and now I'm back. These shoe are great, just like the others. Like the others they look great but more importantly they feel great. A strong quality shoe that I use only for work. These to shoes as well as the service from best buy are why I continue to buy and trust Shoebuy for shoes.

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Fulton Flat

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Derby Suede Meredith Flat Michael Kors Ginger Mcgraw Sling
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